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Walk every day for one month and experience the benefits of this powerful and yet simple challenge. Hundreds of people have taken this challenge over the past three years and cite this habit-builder as a great "kickstarter" and positive influence on their day to day lives.

About the challenge

What is the Everyday Challenge?

Walk Every Day for One Month is a simple challenge that gets you moving, that helps you spend more time outdoors and that helps you feel more connected in your day to day life. That’s a pretty big statement huh? It's true but the past three years of this challenge have enabled hundreds of participants to improve their every-day lives and use this simple challenge to create a better and more purposeful lifestyle.

  • No fitness required
  • No experience needed
  • Minimal time and effort needed
How it works

How does the Every day Challenge Work?

The goal of the challenge is to get outside for a short walk each day - no excuses - and update the group upon completion of this daily walk. It doesn't matter how near or far you walk and the same goes for duration, but you must take the walk outdoors and take one photograph during the walk. Let's call this your "proof of walk" and this little momento from your walk will help with transparency and and accountability, while keeping a record of your progress.

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