About the Every Day Challenge

Experience the benefits of a powerful and yet simple habit and use this challenge to take back control of your day to day life

BY Derek Cullen

How It All Began

I created this challenge off the back of a five month walk around Ireland which was one of many long distance walks I've taken in recent years. These big adventures were fun and exciting and great for my physical health but I was also aware of how the simple act of walking every day was having a profound and lasting affect on my mental health. In other words, I was feeling very content, stable and healthy on those long distance walks and not so much when they were over!


And this was when I began exploring ways to replicate this feeling in my every day life and  use a similar experience to achieve the same benefits that were so easy to find on my big adventures. I didn’t need to think about this for very long because it made sense that walking was the answer and repeating this process every day in smaller doses was likely to produce similar results.

Now, you might suggest that exercise in general, and not just walking, is the answer or that spending more time with nature can provide many of these same benefits. It's true and any amount of exercise or time outdoors is a good thing. However, walking is the most accessible form of exercise and one that requires no level of experience or fitness and the least amount of physical effort. 


But if you're like me, it's sometimes easier said than done to make time or put in the effort it takes to get out there on a regular basis and that's where the Every Day Challenge comes into play and helps you create a healthy habit that you will actually keep. When you sign up for this challenge, you receive access to a private accountability group on Facebook and a short daily podcast. The group is a place to "check-in" each day and confirm that you have taken your daily walk and the podcast is a daily snippet to help keep you on track to reach your goal.


I suppose the question right now might be: Can't you just walk every day without this challenge? Of course you can but why not give this a try while you're at it...

Take the first step and take back control of your year

Use this challenge to kickstart your new year and become the most productive and healthiest version of yourself!